Race department

Race department

Passion, speed and success

With the arrival of the first MGS-01 at the dealership, the idea of participating in the Italian Supertwins Championship becomes concrete. This is how the racing department comes to life, which will follow two Moto Guzzi MGS-01 bikes in races on the various Italian and European circuits. Participation in the championship, in addition to the desire to compare ourselves on the track with other teams, was aimed at the experience and discipline that can only be touched under pressure during a race weekend. Apart from the results, in two years on the racetrack, our team has shown excellent team spirit and teamwork, which in the dealership has helped us to cope with the daily challenges.
In 2007, we founded the manufacturer MILLEPERCENTO® , thus renouncing racing to concentrate all resources on building our first motorbike, the BB1.


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