Philosophy & History

Philosophy & History


MILLEPERCENTO is a young company; yet it has behind it an experience rooted in the close relationship that has linked Brianza to MOTO GUZZI for decades.

In 2005 Stefano Perego, the creator and owner of MILLEPERCENTO, took over the business of Scola Bruno, a historic Moto Guzzi tuner and dealer located in Carate Brianza, thus Scola Bruno srl was born. Stefano is young but with significant business experience and a strong belief in Italian products. He therefore decides to focus on the new course at Moto Guzzi: big changes are in the air now that Guzzi has become part of the Piaggio group and Stefano wants to be ready for what seems to be heralded as the rebirth of the Mandello-based manufacturer.

Thus was born a new brand, MILLEPERCENTO® and the idea of a much larger premises. At the end of the year, Bruno sold his shares to Stefano who began to invest: in May 2006 the company moved to new premises of 1200 square metres in Verano Brianza, becoming the largest single-brand Moto Guzzi dealership in the world. In the same year the MOTO CLUB MILLEPERCENTO was founded, which will follow the sporting activity in the Italian supertwins championship, where the MILLEPERCENTO participates with the support of Franco Bartoli of Bicilindrica magazine, the magazine of the Guzzisti and with no less than 2 Moto Guzzi MGS 01 green with riders Daniele Veghini and Gianmaria Liverani.

That the development of the MILLEPERCENTO had to pass from the search for performance and exclusivity linked to the Moto Guzzi brand became absolutely clear when in 2007 the majority of the shares of the company Big Bore Srl were acquired, thus initiating the collaboration with engineer Giovanni Mariani for the production of engines and conversion kits for Moto Guzzi. The acronym that defined Mariani's monster-engine is now a registered European trademark: BIG BORE®. 
At this point only one link is missing from the chain: a company that not only markets the engine but is also capable of presenting itself as a creator not only of elaborations based on Moto Guzzi but also of completely new motorbikes. 

December saw the birth of MILLEPERCENTO srl, a handicraft factory aiming at the production of exclusive motorbikes with very high performances, while Scola Bruno srl is now called MILLEPERCENTO MOTO srl and will continue its activity as Moto Guzzi dealer for the province of Monza and Della Brianza. The first realisation is the BB1, a Griso suitably modified to house Mariani's incredible engine, complete with innovative power supply and cooling system. In March 2008, Giuseppe Ghezzi, father of the MGS-01, leaves Moto Guzzi and is hired by MILLEPERCENTO. His task will be to create the sporty Moto Guzzi that everyone is waiting for.

The M2S project is born and takes shape with the presentation in record time of the Alba, a brand new sports bike powered by the Guzzi 4v engine, one of the most admired bikes as a prototype at Eicma 2009. Within a year the Alba was ready to be homologated and in 2012 it was registered throughout Europe, to then hit the Japanese roads in 2015.  The market for super sports bikes has evolved and transformed into that of Naked bikes, without fairing but with performance in no way inferior to its fairing sisters, and so in 2014 the ALBA was joined by its sister, the SCIGHERA, an essential bike made with top-notch details. As John Hammond from Jurassic Park would say: "No expense is spared here". The arrival of the euro 4 regulation first, and euro 5 later, brings an end to the possibility of making and homologating motorbikes in small series, forcing the last Alba and BB1 to be registered while waiting for them to be sold.

In 2016, the declining offer of the Moto Guzzi range and the market contraction, push Stefano to look overseas and to open the Breva and Tivan Harley - Davidson dealership for the provinces of Como Lecco and Sondrio, here begins a period of shadow for the MILLEPERCENTO that still remains the reference for Guzzisti both for the workshop and for the purchase of new Moto Guzzi that inevitably, suffers the new Harley - Davidson project. For 6 years Stefano commits his time and resources to the American brand, but always keeping alive his passion for the house of Mandello.

In September 2022 the unexpected decision displaces everyone, the Harley - Davidson dealership mandate is rescinded for Stefano's most ambitious project, a new dealership and a new headquarters for MILLEPERCENTO, yes, in place of the Harley - Davidson dealership in Alzate Brianza transfer the Moto Guzzi MILLEPERCENTO® dealership!


However, the best thing is that this is just the beginning...


On 22 May 2014 in Via Trù in the metropolitan city of Milan, the first MILLEPERCENTO® shop was opened, a major investment of resources and effort. The main objective was to ensure adequate visibility for MILLEPERCENTO® brand products, ranging from motorbikes to clothing. The opening of the shop marked the start of an exciting adventure, and the popularity of the MILLEPERCENTO® brand exceeded all expectations.
With the opening of the Harley - Davidson dealership, resources were focused on Breva and Tivan srl in Alzate Brianza, forcing the closure of the Milan shop.



The new premises in Verano Brianza were chosen for the strategic location where it is possible to develop our new motorbikes and at the same time carry out the Moto Guzzi dealer activity.
The structure is organised on two floors: the ground floor houses the warehouse and workshop, together with the production area. On the first floor, on the other hand, a square has been created with a self-blocking floor with flowerbeds and a structure reminiscent of a portico.
Recreating a kind of square in an industrial area made it possible to create a welcoming space where Guzzisti friends could meet and converse. This choice was crucial to maintain harmony and reflect the Visual Identity required by Moto Guzzi.


Alzate Brianza dealer

In January 2023, after 18 years, the MILLEPERCENTO moved its historic headquarters from Verano Brianza (MB) to Alzate Brianza (CO). The new location is situated along the first Italian road specially built for automobiles, which connects Como to Bergamo. This privileged location allows the dealership to display its shop windows full of motorbikes and true passion for Mandello-made products.

A significant part of the dealership area is now dedicated to clothing for discerning motorcyclists, offering a wide range of high quality products. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to rent the motorbike of their dreams for as long as they wish, guaranteeing a unique and personalised experience.



Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday
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