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Stelvio € 16.499 - PFF Rider assistance € 17.299

It just came into the world and it is already read to explore it. The new Stelvio is here, the contemporary adventure tourer by Moto Guzzi, ready to accompany you everywhere with its unique style and state-of-the-art technology made to improve your driving experience. The iconic name is borrowed from the Alpine pass, Italy's highest and most extensive mountain range, and one of the places that best embodies the myth of this motorcycle legend. With its 48 sharp turns, the road that winds through it has become an enduring symbol for motorcyclists, evoking notions of enjoyment, exploration and triumph.


Pure emotion

An eye-catching design and a sound that reverberates deep within your chest. Embrace the liberating spirit of the journey every time you mount the seat. Riding it is about savouring the open road in pure Moto Guzzi fashion, with no desire to be anywhere else in the world.








Fuel tank capacity

Cerchio anteriore 19"

a raggi tubless 

Cerchio posteriore 17"

a raggi tubless 

Forcella a steli rovesciati Ø 46 mm

Regolabile in estensione e precarico, eEscursione 170 mm

Doppio disco 320mm

Doppio disco flottante Ø 320 mm, pinze Brembo ad attacco radiale
a 4 pistoncini contrapposti. Cornering ABS

Serbatoio 21 litri

autonomia di oltre 400 km

Cambio 6 rapporti

Frizione a comando idraulico

Bicilindrico trasversale a V di 90°

Quattro valvole per cilindro, raffreddamento a liquido, Ride by Wire

Monoammortizzatore laterale

Regolazione dell’estensione e del precarico. Regolazione remota del precarico molla. Escursione 170 mm

PFF Rider Assistance Solution®

Innovativa piattaforma di assistenza alla guida basata sulla tecnologia Imaging Radar 4D. 
(solo modello Stelvio PFF Rider Assistance Solution)

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From busy city streets to uncharted terrains

It's time to expand your horizons.The new Stelvio stops at nothing, even when the road ends.
It offers five riding modes, including an off-road mode. Thanks to its tubeless spoked rims (19'' in the front and 17'' in the rear) and tires, this bike is always ready for light off-road use. Its design places a strong emphasis on safety and comfort, addressing the requirements of travel. Aerodynamics have been meticulously fine-tuned in a wind tunnel to offer optimum air protection, enriching the riding experience and ensuring comfort for both the rider and passenger.


Thanks to its rental service, MILLEPERCENTO offers the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Lake Como on an iconic motorbike. Whether you want to explore the area for a day, a weekend or even a whole week, or if you are just interested in trying out your next motorbike before you buy it, we are here to meet all your needs.

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