A-PLUS Roadside Assistance

A-PLUS Roadside Assistance

A service that should not be underestimated is Roadside Assistance, designed to be close to you at all times and protect you from all possible unforeseen events.

With the A-Plus Roadside Assistance formula, which can be purchased for only EUR 86 per year, even on a stand-alone basis without a third-party liability policy, you get a unique set of benefits.

These include:

  • the innovative Liberty Rider app that can save your life in the event of an accident, 
  • vehicle recovery at 500 km a/r in Italy, 
  • reimbursement of 250 euros for the repurchase of damaged clothing and assistance abroad,
  • taxi to recover the replacement car in Italy,
  • replacement vehicle in Italy,
  • mobile workshop,
  • motor vehicle recovery,
  • demolition of the motor vehicle in Italy,
  • legal processing in the event of theft,
  • return of the stolen motor vehicle,
  • motorbike recovery journey,
  • shipment of spare parts,
  • repatriation of the motor vehicle when abroad,
  • legal abandonment,
  • return of passengers/continuation of the trip,
  • hotel costs,
  • advance payment of essential expenses,
  • advance of criminal and civil bail bonds,
  • advance payment of legal fees,
  • interpreter at disposal,
  • extension of stay.

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